H.A.V.V.A.® Records, Inc.

​ H.A.V.V.A.​® Records, Inc. is an independent record label and a full service entertainment company that includes the artist JHONNELLE®

HA.V.V.A.​® Records, Inc. and JHONNELLE®  provides all music related entertainment services such as song production, songwriting services, songwriting for advertisement purposes, music production, audio engineering management, video production, cd/dvd printing and duplication, publishing, and merchandising. 

H.A.V.V.A.​® Records, Inc. company's statement is "We are students of music, music is our lover and friend. It is our Alpha and Omega, it was there for us in the beginning and will be there for us in the end ©".  

H.A.V.V.A.​® Records, Inc. ​JHONNELLE​® , CEO/OWNER